NOVEMBER 17-19, 2017


Mitto (pronounced ME-toe) is an event geared towards serving others through missions. The word Mitto is the Latin word “I send.” Our purpose is: Through learning and hands on missions, youth are trained to find and fill the needs within their local communities. Mitto is oriented for youth ministries who are interested in how they can serve others in any capacity, from volunteering at food banks to working with children in shelters to running donation drives. It combines both service learning about issues like poverty and hunger, with service projects like helping at conference Ingathering.



Being a smaller event, you’ll more easily get to know people from your group and from other groups, as you serve and learn alongside them. Serving alongside another person while helping people in need is a great way to break down barriers. Also, part of the goal of Mitto is that youth will go home to serve in their communities.


Mitto is a laid back event, with times of fellowship and service. Being different than other events means times of worship are youth led and in different settings. The schedule allows for times to breathe, process, and decompress.


Through service projects, simulations, guest speakers and idea sharing, youth will recognize ways in which they can go home and make a difference in their communities.



Um, how do you pronounce that word?

You pronounce it like Me-toe.

Great. Now what does it mean?

It is a Latin word meaning ‘I send’.

Ok, so what is this event about?

Mitto brings students together to be in fellowship with one another, to have opportunities to serve, to learn about missions, and to determine ways in which the students can return home and be more missional in their community.

So who should come to Mitto?

Mitto’s reach is for any sized youth ministry for youth in grades 9-12, that are interested in or feel a call for missions. One adult also must come and be with the students so that there can be an additional advocate for the students when returning home and someone to hold them accountable.

What is the schedule?

It has not been finalized yet, but registration starts Friday Night at 7:30 and the event ends by 11am on Sunday. Part of Saturday we will all go serve at Conference Ingathering and then other places to learn about various missions that may spark some creativity in students to take home.

Will I stay with my youth group?
You will be lodging with your youth group and you can do many of the activities together. There will be some small group time and game time on Saturday when you may not be with your entire youth group.
What does the price include?

Lodging, food, service work, and programming. A t-shirt is also included for those that register by the early deadline.

Where will we stay?

FUMC Little Rock 723 Center St. Little Rock, AR 72201
Park on the street at the parking meters (they are free on the weekends)

What should we bring?

Comfortable clothes (with one set for being active and working in), shower supplies/toiletries, air mattress/bed roll, sleeping bag or sheets, pillow, Bible, and a desire to make a difference by serving God and community, an adult with the group, and having turned in all appropriate forms.

We simply want to make the young generation fully equipped with the teachings of Christ and make them Christ-centered individual. ACCYM encourages more and more youth in this conference in order to develop them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong and prepared now and forever.

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