June 17-24, 2018


We believe each member of the choir grows spiritually and emotionally through the daily responsibilities of caring, sharing and reaching out to those around us. We believe that we grow as a group by being together, getting to know each other better, and accepting each person in the group as a unique child of God.


We believe that we minister to others through our music.  Touring is an important outreach ministry which allows us to share our faith with others. We believe that we represent our church and the church universal by projecting a very positive image of Christian youth today. We believe the music we learn and share makes a difference.

Host Church

The ACCYM Choir Tour 2018 task force is now considering requests for host churches for their tour in June 2018. We would like to consider all churches that wish to have the Conference Youth Choir worship at their church.


Choir Tour is the only conference event that brings worship to others. It’s a different kind of worship experience filled with music, song, movement, reflection, and fun! Our mission is to minister to the local church by leading worship that provides an opportunity for connection and experiencing the love of God.


However, what has been most meaningful to all the choir members who have participated in the annual choir tours over the past 30 years is the joy they receive in sharing their music with those persons who do not often have the opportunity to hear youth engaged in passionate worship. Some of the reasons that our youth are so involved with Choir Tour are…

  • Nothing builds community and transforms lives better than traveling together!
  • God works in us and through us in such different ways on tour.
  • It’s an incredible opportunity to see new cities and how God is working in them.
  • It’s also a chance for us to make our mark in the mission field and learn to be selfless.
  • We have a blast together . . . and we make lifelong friends!
  • There are a million other surprises waiting for us.

We simply want to make the young generation fully equipped with the teachings of Christ and make them Christ-centered individual. ACCYM encourages more and more youth in this conference in order to develop them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong and prepared now and forever.

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