NOVEMBER 3-5 & 10-12, 2017


Refuge is an opportunity for jr. high youth to be introduced to the connectional events of ACCYM. They enjoy a weekend in the beautiful outdoors while getting away from the hustle and bustle of school life. They have a chance to refocus their hearts and minds on God without the distractions of daily life. Refuge, in all its essence, IS a refuge from a busy, challenging world, and indulgence into the pure, beautiful experience of God’s grace. This event will be held at Shepard of the Ozarks, the retreat center located in the heart of Arkansas. Refuge is just one of the milestones on the road to strengthening our people’s faith in Jesus Christ. Our vision is clear, just like our hearts. And we believe that success comes to those who believe. We believe in Christ, and we believe in the power that he has invested in us; we must then help make this world a better place. Join us in our venture to do so!



Encouraging each other through affirmation is crucial to the growing process of a group.  When a youth’s peers compliment them, they feel more confident in their self in relation to the group and can share deeper feelings.  When friends tell a peer that they appreciate them, they realize that they are worthy of love and praise.


Worship describes those times we gather deliberately seeking to encounter God in Christ. God uses worship to transform lives, heal wounded souls, renew hope, shape decisions, provoke change, inspire compassion, and bind people to one another.


Through the personal practice of Faith Development, we do the soul work that connects us to others, immerses us in God’s Word, and positions us to grow in grace and mature in Christ.


While at Refuge you have the opportunity to participate in various activities around the camp. High ropes, zip line, cliffhanger swing, horseback riding, and hiking are just a few of things that help make Refuge an unforgettable weekend.



We simply want to make the young generation fully equipped with the teachings of Christ and make them Christ-centered individual. ACCYM encourages more and more youth in this conference in order to develop them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong and prepared now and forever.

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